100 day freebies

The boys are off on Monday and we were thisexcited when they hopped in the car on Friday afternoon.
Some of the kiddos used one game board with a different color teddy bear for each player. .
For station number six, we used our 100 place mat to stamp 10 groups of 10 stamps.
I actually bought the generic Fruit Loops from Wal-mart, and they worked out just fine! .For the first few years of my teaching career, I didnt think the 100th day of school was all that.Each player started on the number zero, rolled the die, and moved forward that many spaces. . The dress, sweater and shoes came from our local Goodwill.The I made a big move 4 hours south and started teaching at a Kindergarten campus.Then, I measured around their heads and stapled. .Now, Im off to celebrate some birthdays!

It took a little prep on my part to get all of the activities ready, but it was so worth it! . Perfectly perfect.Of course, since the snack hp rebate center address is intended to be student assembled and 100 is a big number to count up to, we found this awesome counting mat pictured below over.Then, we strung them on a piece of curling ribbon which I might add was way better than yarn, since it didnt fray! .I made all of my copies the day before, and then placed each activity in a separate tub so that we were all ready to go!This was a last minute creation that I whipped up the night before. . Yes my friendsthe 100th Day is a BIG deal.So welcome to my blog where content, creativity and rigor collide! Finallyafter 13 yearsI found a system that was stress free and it actually worked!Follow One Sharp Bunchs board 100th Day on Pinterest.Dew (no coffee for me and the color yellow.
I mean sureit was special.
And I loved watching it all through the eyes of my boys.