airtel voucher recharge code in nigeria

Top-up denominations, clean sweep computer program airtime denominations are available via top-up Cards, mobile top-up and E-Pins.
The SIM card can store up to 200 names and numbers and 25 messages which can all be selkirk college video contest recalled when needed.
Dial *232# to check account balance.Should you need more information, do not hesitate to call the Airtel Customer Care Centre by dialling 111 from your Airtel line or by dialling, from any other network, to speak to a Customer Care consultant at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days.Clear across Middle East and Africa, Airtel's world-class network offers reliable communications solutions with customer care to match your needs.Your credit will be birchbox promo code december loaded automatically with the recharge card value and you will receive a text confirmation of the recharge.Inserting your SIM card.The PUK code is printed on the plastic body surrounding your SIM card or on the SIM certificate.You can use your Airtel SIM in any phone.Access to Customer Care 24 hours a day.Share this post with friends to save them the stress on how to recharge their mobile phone.If you desire to activate the PIN feature please follow the instructions below.Please follow the instructions on the pack to activate the free airtime.Switch on your phone, and you are now ready to get in touch with friends, family and business contacts, provided you are within an Airtel coverage area.With Airtel smart recharge you get at least ten (10) times the value of your recharge when you recharge using *220*PIN#.Every subscriber on the Airtel network can send up to a maximum of 10 Call Me Back requests per day.
Your 'new pin' can be a new PIN number or the old PIN number you were using.

If the phone is switched on, but the words "Insert SIM" appear, it means that the SIM card is not fitted correctly.Buy Airtime from Your Zenith Bank Account.If your SIM plastic body or certificate is lost, you will need to apply for a new SIM certificate at any Airtel Centre.In order to top up your airtime balance, you need to use some codes with the pins usually sealed papers.Product would be accessible till a business decision is taken to discontinue the product.You will also be required to complete a call history form and provide evidence of purchase.Your SIM card comes with the PIN feature deactivated and is thus ready for use.
All recharge denominations have the same validity period.