and you give yourself away translation

Can't help yourself informal (be compelled to do sth) no poder evitarlo She can't help herself - she has to criticize everything.
Behave yourself vi refl (act nicely) comportarse Note : Often used in the imperative.
Search yourself away in: Because you've just given yourself away, Captain., Kill me now, and you give yourself away., Second shot, you give yourself away., Because you've just given yourself away, Captain., You've been hiding yourself away since I got here.Te recomiendo este texto básico, es ideal para familiarizarse con el tema.Be true to yourself (live by own values) ser fiel a uno mismo To be true to oneself you must act in accordance with who you are and what you believe.Ya te daré yo razones para llorar!What will you give me for it?Skip to Content, with or Without You is found on the album, rock's Hottest Ticket Disc.Cuánto diste or pagaste por él?Si te aplicas triunfarás.A Sarah le gusta envolverse en un aire de misterio, pero es simplemente una pantalla para ocultar el hecho de que no sabe nada.Absent yourself from sth (leave) retirarse de v prnl prep If you feel unwell, simply absent yourself from the table.Yourself figurative (your normal self) tú mismo.Allow yourself sth (indulgence) permitirse Even while dieting, I allow myself discount chinese herbs the occasional dessert.

Deberías estar avergonzada de ti misma.Si te encuentras mal puedes retirarte de la mesa.You shut yourself away for months.WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary 2017: Compound Forms: abandon yourself to sth (surrender to sth: desires, etc.) abandonarse a, rendirse a v prnl prep, después de que le tocase la lotería se abandonó a los placeres de la carne y al alcohol.Allow yourself sth (enough time) tomarse Please allow yourself 15 minutes to complete the second part of the test.Mentalízate, te tengo malas noticias.When give is part of a set combination, eg give evidence, give a lecture, give a party, give a yawn, look up the other word.The Sweetest Thing CD Japan, island Treasures, human Rights Day.