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Martina Bieker wrote: My dad, Hans Bieker, was on board the "SS Groote Beer" - voucher chiquito he emigrated to South West Africa (now called Namibia) on the ship and the date on the back of the photo is 12 February 1956.
Our arrival in Rotterdam 12th of July.
I remember my mother and father were both very, very sea sick on the voyage over and that they slept in separate quarters.
Note: our dad had come over in 1956 to get started.We landed on a Saturday and the next day being Sunday the train stopped in downtown Montreal.I am hoping other Nieuwenhuises will read this and possibly send information to help.I recall a play room freebies offer and big washroom.I have had a pretty good life here.
One never quite knows what the flavour is going to be like when a beer is put into a barrel, which is all part of the charm of this brewing art.
The flavor wasn't very strong, but the good fizz made up for.

My dad, Gerrit, who they call here in Canada, Gerald, lived here by Edmonton, until 9 years old.We traveled together with a number of other just married couples.Laszlo Klein wrote: My family left during or after the Hungarian revolution and travelled to Canada on the Groote Beer arriving on May 23 1957 in Halifax from Rotterdam.We then travelled by train to Salisbury Rhodesia, my parents now deceased were Willem and Christina de Ruijter, and my brother who was 10 at that time also named Willem.We came from Oude-Tonge and were in the 1953 Flood.They had to ration the food, and of course everyone got sea sick because we had no power and adrift.
He came from a village Oosterend in Friesland (it is about 11 kilometers north west of Sneek) in May 1955.
Still, its a decent root beer while another described it as "smooth, but a bit transparent." Sprecher's website - Score:.62 Frostop - The Frostop drive-in chain started in Columbus, OH and spread all across the lower Midwest.