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"The benefit for us is we've got this regular dialogue going on with Marriott's 50 million rewards-club members about our artists says Tunnicliffe.
Brian perkins, 33, global vp, Budweiser, Anheuser-Busch InBev, dias and Perkins have tapped music to propel the marketing goals for, respectively, the Corona and Budweiser brands."I have an edge from my background that I leverage in my current role says the Santa Monica resident, who grew up in Long Island, New York.With 100-plus venues, more than 65 festivals and a database exceeding 100 million people, "there's really no other platform like this anywhere in the world for brands to get close to the music fan." bozoma saint john, 39 Head of global consumer marketing, Apple Music/iTunes.Says Stone: "I'm most proud of the credibility and integrity we've sustained with both The Fader as a leading voice in music culture and Cornerstone as a creative agency." marcie allen, 42 President, MAC Presents The biggest matchmaking success for Allen's company in 2015?Raja rajamannar, 54 Chief marketing officer, MasterCard Rajamannar leveraged MasterCard's marketing might in 2015 to promote Gwen Stefani 's return to the stage following a six-year hiatus.Saint John worked in music marketing at Pepsi, then went to Beats Music, months before Apple bought it in 2014, and now runs marketing for iTunes and Apple's streaming service.Bmlg is also big on "cause marketing and, every year, plugs artists into General Mills' Outnumber Hunger campaign.Claudia butzky Senior vp global brand partnerships, RCA Records Working with a diverse roster that ranges from the rock of Foo Fighters to the a cappella pop of Pentatonix, the Florida-raised Butzky says that the biggest challenge of her warehouse discount tires role is "making sure the artist-brand.Adam harter, 44 Vp marketing, cultural connections, Pepsi Beverages North America emma quigley Head of music, Pepsi Beverages North America With an estimated 50 million to 75 million sponsorship spend, in 2015 Harter placed more focus on bringing fans closer to their favorite artists.Beginning with a late-2014 TV spot featuring Stefani's song "Spark the Fire the campaign emphasized both Stefani's music and style - "she's a fashionista" - and resulted in a double-digit increase in Apple Pay usage, reports Rajamannar.3 in North America and.Bruce flohr, four seasons gift card dc 49 Founding partner, Greenlight Media and Marketing; senior vp/chief strategy officer, Red Light Management dominic sandifer, 46 President/founding partner, Greenlight Media and Marketing Although there were no Intel logos onstage at the Staples Center, the tech giant and Greenlight's months-in-the-making collaboration with Lady."Growing up on a farm says Lewin, "Luke's dad used Bayer products, so it was a brand that he really believed." matt ringel, 46 Executive vp, Red Light Management; Managing partner, New Era Media and Marketing For the 200-plus artists at Red Light, the world's.As Pentatonix's sound redefined what can become a pop hit, says Butzky, "we are in conversations with multiple brands for opportunities" for the group.The Brooklyn arena carved out enough market share -.7 million in cumulative box-office revenue in 2015, compared with MSG's 130.4 million, according to Billboard Boxscore - to make.The executives from the companies featured here are at the forefront of the business of marketing with music.
Peyton, a native of Los Angeles who earned his MBA at the University of Southern California, says video clips have "higher emotional value" to fans than TV spots.
Debut LP, Cheers to the Fall, Feldman began pitching her to potential partners.

"We have a very collaborative spirit says the Denver native.That means Budweiser has a more optimistic view of its customers lifespans than Starbucks, where free coffee for life gets you 30 years worth of daily drinks.Allen, a Nashville stepmother of two who commutes to her New York office, saw MAC Presents' net revenue rise 20 percent in the past year.Yormark cites Brooklyn Sports Entertainment's advisory board, which he co-chairs with Republic Group president Charlie Walk, as one of the key factors in the arena's growth."That was the most talked-about moment of the night says Belcher, a father of three, "and our brand was associated with." Belcher got his first taste of the music business shortly after joining T-Mobile in 2002, when the company produced the first-ever concert.Dates on the Foos' Sonic Highways World Tour - worth an estimated 1 million in total media spending.
Universal placed three songs from its catalog in Bose/NFL commercials, including Seinabo Sey 's "Hard Times as well as in Bose's online "Game Changer" spot.
Another 347 million in fees was paid in 2014 (the most recent figures available) worldwide for the use of music in advertising, films, games and TV programs, according to ifpi.