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I've had one of these units since the early 1980s and I can't say enough good things about this company.
Repeater Receiver Preamplifiers Angle Linear High Quality Preamps Very high quality preamps, RX splitters, multicouplers, bandpass filters, preselectors, etc.
Down East Microwave Products for 50 MHz through 11 GHz.Andrew Corporation The makers of Heliax, Radiax, and some other top quality products.Note that Sears also sells "Companion" and other brands tools that do not have that warranty.Antennas, Feedline, Connectors and related products Amphenol Connectors.3300 Single Hung Replacement 24 x 38 28 x 38 28 x 46 32 x 38 32 x 54 36 x 54, the 3300 series single hung replacement windows are white vinyl with an operable bottom sash.Repeater Builder RIM Maker of the RB-USB-RIM radio interface.This is an Online Auction!Gigaparts New and used amateur equipment and computers.
Xcelite tools by Apex Hand Tools The "Type 99" kit is very handy in your traveling toolbox.

Any BDC location can special order windows to fit any size.They have a print catalog that they send out on request (but with the cost of postage it takes some convincing) - worth getting.USB Radio citypass new york promo code Interfaces DMK food gift certificates Engineering URIx radio interface.Located in Morgan Hill (San Franciso Bay area) this is a very nice surplus outlet.Plus many other items like portables, mobiles, duplexers and power amplifiers.My field ontario hydro rates graph toolbox has three Type 99 handles and a collection of blades and extensions in a canvas roll-up.Phone DC Power Supplies Astron Corporation Linear and Switching Supplies.New London Technology, gE equipment, spantek Radio Ltd.Crystal Heater (oven) Provide excellent temperature stability at a fraction of the cost of ICM.They have fiber optic cable and telecom tools.The 1750 Mobile Home windows are built with the same precision and quality as our residential window selection.
Jameco New and surplus electronic components.