car voucher in michigan

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We receive car donations from the public, make them road ready, and then award them at affordable prices to eligible families in Michigan.
Modeled after similar programs in Europe, it would give cash vouchers to consumers who trade in their old gas-guzzling vehicles to buy more fuel-efficient ones.That might mean reassessing whether all the cars traded in for vouchers get scrapped, as planned.Is insurable and can budget the ongoing expense of car insurance.A program that can jump-start auto sales would certainly help boost Michigan's economy.Congressional leaders don't have to re-invent the wheel to come up with workable voucher legislation.Must provide proof of full-time enrollment.The goal is not only to boost auto sales that have been stuck in reverse, but to get low-mileage, high-pollution vehicles off the roads.If enrolled full-time in a post-secondary education program (i.e.But reselling gas guzzlers instead of scrapping them defeats one purpose of the program.Donated Cars in Michigan, are you on the road to self-sufficiency but struggle with transportation?A so-call "cash for clunkers" program could be a shot in the arm for sickly auto sales in the United States.Families from Michigan should work with VFC's staff at our Detroit Location.
If you live in Michigan and are interested in receiving a car from Vehicles for Change, please contact these agencies.
The vouchers could only be used to buy vehicles assembled in North America that cost 35,000 or less.

Does win lego friends prizes not own any other car nor have one available to you.American consumers should be able pick the cars they want to purchase - foreign or domestic.And frankly, any program with a goal of putting more fuel-efficient vehicles on the road should not exclude those manufactured abroad - a category that includes the fuel economy champion Toyota Prius.Please note additional qualifications may apply).Not Available With: GM Employee (GMS/GMU GM Exec Refer (GEX Dealer Employee (GDS Supplier (GSU GM Retiree Voucher, Military "m Credit Union "cu Instant Value Certificates, GM Business Choice, Driver Ed Purchase, Special Event units, Fleet allowance/deliveries).Dealer Must use customer authorization number get 9 digit Approval Number by Calling or at gmdealerworld.The program could be both an economic and environmental stimulus.
Have a current valid Michigan Drivers license prior to submitting of application.