colorado duck stamp contest

Eligible Species Your entry should feature a live portrayal featuring at least one of the species below.
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Do not send your artwork directly to the national office.Designs may also include hunting dogs, hunting scenes, waterfowl decoys, national wildlife refuges as the background of habitat scenes, non-eligible species, or other designs that depict uses of the stamp for sporting, conservation, and collecting purposes.Preparing Your Entry, entry may be in any media except am i due a tax refund ireland photography or computer-generated art.All artwork must be postmarked no later than midnight August 15, 2018.No artwork will be returned immediately after the contest.It provides links to Flyway websites and has other features like those listed below.See the 2017 Federal Duck Stamp Contest Top 3 art and Full Scoring.Colorado is a member of both the Central and Pacific Flyways. .English (639.2KB) spanish (1.1MB) ).Waterfowl baiting regulations apply to ducks, geese, swans, coots, and cranes.See the Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program and Contest brochure (3.3MB) for detailed contest rules.Fish and Wildlife Service is not be obligated to trace the location of the artist to return the artwork.Colorado Parks and Wildlife's.If artwork is unclaimed, the.S.They must also adhere to existing contest regulations that require a live portrayal of one or more of the five eligible waterfowl species (wood duck, American wigeon, northern pintail, green-winged teal and lesser scaup for 2018) as the dominant foreground feature that is clearly the.Mute swans, loons, grebes, coots and other such waterbirds are not permitted species.
The Harvest Information Program (HIP) will remain consistent for the 2017-18 seasons.
The 2017-18 HIP registration process is open. .

The entry may be multi-color, black and white, or a single color; it may be rendered in ink, paint, pastel, crayon, or pencil.29, 2017, read comment on the proposed rule.In addition, the national art winner and one parent or guardian will receive a free trip to participate in the First Day of Sale ceremony in late June/early July.Students may rely on images as guides when producing their artwork.Note: When state law differs from Federal law, the hunter must comply with the most restrictive law.After studying waterfowl anatomy and habitat, students may express their newfound knowledge by drawing, painting or sketching a picture of an eligible North American waterfowl species.
Geological Survey's Patuxent Bird Banding Lab will send you a certificate of appreciation that includes information about the sex, age and species of the bird, and where and when it was banded.
More than 19,500 acres of wetlands have been protected with Waterfowl Stamp funds. .