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If you have temporarily accumulated an excessive amount of vouchers, you may temporarily reduce your deductions until you have used up your backlog, either down to a minimum of 20 via the Computershare website or to zero by contacting Computershare and requesting a temporary suspension.
2017 Computershare Voucher Services Limited).
This is capped at 2,000 a year.Computershare Vouchers Services and Kiddievouchers allow parents to use the vouchers discount supply coupon at any time while the child is still within the eligible age range.The minimum deduction is 20 per month.If youre a parent we want to help you make the right choice for your family; and if youre an employer or carer we want to help you to give the right advice.You do not have to use all your vouchers in one month; they can be stored for future use but please do not store more than you expect to use.After that time, TFC will be the only option.From 2017 childcare vouchers will be replaced.From next year, the government is rolling out a new scheme - Tax-Free Childcare.
Joining or leaving the scheme or amending the amount of vouchers you require, must be done directly with Computershare (not payroll) and, to comply with salary sacrifice rules, must be before the start of the month.
To join the scheme you must register with.

Confused, the reader contacted the provider, Sodexo and was told that its childcare vouchers expire after 18 months and it was company policy not to re-issue vouchers once they expire.However, as she had not logged in for almost 12 months, she did not realise it had changed its terms and conditions which stated it would no longer be sending notifications.(The payroll department also has to carry out an annual Basic Earnings assessment for employees who joined the scheme after 6th April 2011 to determine their tax rate).As vouchers are non-taxable and exempt from National Insurance, significant savings can be made.Sodexo has also since updated its portal which means expired vouchers now appear costco membership renewal discount code in parents' accounts.Electronic childcare vouchers do not expire; however, your employer may have additional conditions on usage if you leave their employment.".As our source highlighted, parents would only be aware of this update if they had been regularly accessing their account.It said: "These now clearly state that parents can request vouchers to be reissued after the 18 month expiry date, simply by contacting Sodexos customer care team.
The University has to confirm with Computershare that this is correct and some employees, who appear to be higher rate taxpayers and thus limited to 124, will actually be basic rate taxpayers once items such as salary sacrifice pension contributions are taken into account.