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Fun Contest Idea #9: Quiz There are a number of best paying survey sites paypal different quizzes which can be run as a contest on social media.
You could also run this type of contest separate from any other campaign.
Back to school contests can be anything from a sweepstakes giving away clothing or school supplies, to photo contests showing off new school apparel.
Fun Contest Idea #34: Pick Your Favorite Character If you have a TV show, comic book burlington coat factory online coupons 20 off series, or any other characters that the public knows your business for, consider running a "pick your favorite character" vote contest.And as we all know trust is what leads to lifelong customers.They wanted to find out what type of travelers their customers were so as to serve them better in the future.The product gas superstore voucher code should be fairly mainstream that most people would have a use for, so everyone can easily think of something.It can help you decide what product to order more of or what to invest more.If you have less that 5,000.It was something both the child and the parent to enjoy.But there's another type of user generated content which can be equally important, but often overlooked.
Fun Contest Idea #22: Name our Mascot Get your fans involved by allowing them to help name one of the most iconic parts of your business: your mascot.

This is a great way to build buzz around a new product: People will be reading about its functionality and benefits far more intently than if you showed them.Or maybe an unlimited supply of your product for a year?Photos can then be uploaded into a gallery for users to share and browse through.A great way to utilize this to create buzz for your products is to include one of your products in the photo.For instance an brewery might run a quiz on different types of beers.We recently did one ourselves and teamed up with the graphic design app Snappa.
Check it out below: Stitch Collective has built a niche for its business by completely crowdsourcing its product design through the use of voting competitions.
For those in the business of preparing students for the new school year a back to school themed contest works perfectly.