english tagalog translation sweep

sweep away a problem eliminar un problema.
(American football) an attempt to advance the ball by running around the end of the line (synonym) end run (hypernym) run, running, running play, running game (classification) American football, American football game.
) Direction or departure of a curve, a road, an arch, or the like, away from a rectlinear line.) To pass over, or traverse, with the eye or with an instrument of observation; as, to sweep the heavens with a telescope."His talk is a green-water jargon swept up in five oceans -" (L.Bir el hareketiyle onlara gitmelerini iaret etti.To strike with a long stroke.Win an overwhelming victory in or on; "Her new show dog swept all championships" (hypernym) win.(range ) krg.representatives from a broad sweep of left-wing opinion.Morteiro para lançar bombas,.Sweep in Greek sweep Dictionary source: English Greek Engineering Dictionary More: English to Greek translation of sweep (Lex Dictionary source: English-Greek Technical Dictionary More: English to Greek translation of sweep.

"The women swept the dishes away, and the carters curled up on the ground to sleep." (L.chimney sweep deshollinador.BI' Dictionary source: English - Klingon More: English to English translation of sweep To employ technical means to uncover planted microphones or other surveillance devices.I swept them out." (M." Dictionary source: Saja English Turkish Dictionary More: English to Turkish translation of sweep.tara:N.tarama Dictionary source: English Turkish Technical Dictionary More: English to Turkish translation of sweep ekrann yatay taranmas Dictionary source: English Turkish Nuclear Science Dictionary More: English to Turkish translation of sweep.A whisk, a sweep Hwysg.clean sweep limpieza total.Durrell, Justine) Dictionary source: Victors - Phrasal Verbs Dictionary (English-Romanian) More: English to Romanian translation of sweep (fiz) relatare, baleiaj; (hidr) curbur / sinuozitate a unui râu; (mas-un) lungimea / deschiderea braului; (petr) splare, împingere; (tele) (USA) eplorare, linie radial trasat de spotul mobil.
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