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While we observed a drop in these figures by discipline in 2012, we are now seeing a slight increase across the disciplines for 2015 (see Figure 6).
Audience To understand the audience that faculty members aim to reach with their research, we asked respondents to rate the importance of reaching various types of individuals.With classes back in session, controversies are erupting around the country over a K-12 issue that has nothing to do with curriculum: the student dress code.About three-quarters of respondents expect their upper division undergraduate students to be able to locate these sources, again with higher expectations among social scientists and humanists.Key findings, discovery starting points remain in flux.The share of respondents who believe it is important that their library helps undergraduates develop research, critical analysis, and information literacy skills has surged by some twenty percentage points since the previous cycle of the survey in 2012.Questions on these topics were only displayed to respondents who indicated that they perform research as a part of their professional responsibilities.We observe an ongoing preference for the monograph in print form for many research activities, especially for long-form reading purposes, with direct implications for libraries and publishers considering the potential for a print to electronic transition for books.Those commuters will be able to use a nearby lot when the project begins, said Alco Parking President Merrill Stabile, whose company manages the lots.

As might be expected, given their training, medical faculty members most closely resemble scientists in the way they begin their research, with nearly a majority gravitating towards a specific electronic resource / database, followed by a large share starting with a general purpose search engine.Figure 21: And, when you think about how best online coupon websites your work is assessed, such as for tenure, promotion, or research funding, how much recognition should you receive for your research products compared to traditional research publications such as journal articles and scholarly books?These findings are consistent with those from the 2012 survey when this question was first fielded.Research topics and practices In this section, we focus on whether and how research topics and practices are changing.However, the drop-off and completion rates differed between versions, with respondents less likely to drop-off and more likely to complete the updated version of the questionnaire (version B).Across disciplines, most faculty members responded that they begin research with a specific scholarly database, with medical faculty members exhibiting a particularly strong affinity for this starting point.The response rate at the disciplinary level varied when compared against the MDR population, likely due, as in 2012, to the effectiveness of outreach and communications via our scholarly society partners.Humanists are more likely to visit their college or university librarys website or online catalog, as are social scientists, as this starting point may provide them with more relevant research resources (i.e.When broken down by discipline, it is clear that scientists and medical faculty members are much more frequently receiving this funding, with nearly 80 of respondents indicating that they have received or are receiving.Specifically, discount universal studios tickets hollywood we embedded metadata for any faculty members at the nine ann taylor gift card local institutions who were selected for both the local and the national sample (i.e.Tweet at the Trib's education team using the hashtag #b2sTrib or send an email.