fdic cash sweep program

Just open an accountwe take care of all of the details for scholastic poetry contest 2013 you in the background.
If you wish to invest in the SH or US offering, then you buy or sell those offerings as if they were a stock.
In addition, the tiers are based on the total amount of cash balances in all your accountsregardless of account typethat are aggregated at the taxpayer ID level for amounts that are automatically swept.
How will the available cash I have be swept into the Sweep Program?Under our idcsa Program we are able to accomplish both goals for the amounts that are automatically swept.Amounts held under the Sweep Program directly with us are protected separately by sipc insurance.It is expected that interest rates payable under the Sweep Program will generally be competitive with rates paid by banks for interest-paying checking accounts Consequently, our rates of return are generally at the low end of rates available in the marketplace and more similar.Account Information Activity with respect to your idcsa, including the Banks in which your idcsa is invested and the interest rate(s) paid to you, will appear on your periodic brokerage account statement.One or more ocdms may be made available to you depending on the type of brokerage account you have and perhaps other factors.For more information on fdic deposit insurance, please visit the fdics website at http www.We do have an optional cash investment USthat usually pays a higher interest amount that you can elect to invest in by entering an order to buy or sell into it just like a stock.Read more information on Deutsche Bank by clicking here.You may contact us to obtain information about your idcsa deposits, including balances held on the books of each Bank, activity in the account, and the current interest rate(s) paid to you.This is different from the aggregation for fdic insurance purposes.In both cases Deutche Bank Trust Company Americas (dbtca) will perform administrative tasks such as record-keeping of customer beneficial interests and permitted withdrawals and interest and fee calculations.With the Bank Deposit Sweep, the more assets you hold raffles hotel mooncakes 2015 with us, the higher your interest rate will be for the cash deposited into the Sweep Program.(See Extended fdic Insurance for current amounts.) fdic covers both the principal and accrued interest in each account for any bank that fails.We act as your agent with the banks in the Sweep Program and as the custodian for cash in the Sweep Program held directly with.All questions regarding your Program account should be directed to us, not the Banks.

We will receive a fee from dbtca that varies depending on the interest paid on the idcsas.Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of mutual funds before investing.Each deposit in each Bank is fdic insured to 250,000.Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (fdic) protection is made available through a government-backed program that operates the same for small and large banks.Our interest rates are tiered so that as you hold more cash in the Sweep Program you have the opportunity to earn a higher interest rate.Do I have to have a minimum balance to be eligible for the Sweep Program?How do I access the rate?If you expect to have total deposits at the Program Banks, including balances through the Standard Bank Deposit Sweep or Expanded Bank Deposit Sweep, that exceed fdic insurance coverage limits, you should carefully consider whether you should arrange for the direct investment of amounts exceeding.How do I know if I am participating in a bank sweep program?
Does the client agreement reflect the terms of the Sweep Program?