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É comum dar gorjeta?
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( cause ) diaper raffle game wording shock, surprise dar, causar ; pain causar, provocar it gives me great pleasure to welcome you all es un gran placer para mí darles la bienvenida a todos to give sb a kick/push dar una patada /un empujón a algn to give.Permission dar, conceder ; chance, time dar let's give him one last chance vamos a darle una última oportunidad can't you give me another week?Mete mi dát nco proti bolesti?Hoeveel fooi moet ik geven?( present ) presentar a ladies and gentlemen, I give you our guest speaker this evening, damas y caballeros, les presento a nuestro conferenciante de esta noche.Free tethering is also included with all new LTE phones to turn them into wireless hot spots.To give way (to sth) ( be replaced ) ser reemplazado (por algo ( to demands ) ceder (a algo ( to traffic ) ceder el paso (a algo) you gave way too easily cediste con demasiada facilidad to give way to an impulse dejarse.N ( of material ) elasticità ; ( of bed ) morbidezza give away vt adv.I'll give him what for!( devote ) to give over to dedicare.Lütfen bana bir ine yapn Làm n tiêm cho tôi Can you give me something for the pain?

(US) Can you give me a push?( renounce, friend, boyfriend, job ) lasciare ; ( abandon, idea ) rinunciare a, abbandonare ; ( abandon hope for, patient ) dare per spacciato / a ; ( expected visitor ) non aspettare più I gave it up as a bad job ( fam.( pay ) dar what will you give me for it?You took so long to arrive that we had almost given you up (for lost).Thng có cho tin boa không?To stop fighting and admit defeat; to yield.