gen con 2015 costume contest winners

Bonus points to Tuffnut for doing a top-notch brainless-face.
Cosplay winner contest ring, self Small BMO Cosplay!Whether your gaming mode is RPGs, tabletop games, TCGs, dice games, family board games, or video games, Gen Con has its sights aimed in your direction.I enjoy learning about new worlds and universes, giving credit where its due, and dispelling my old mans ignorance.Professional, first place: a squad of three characters from.This is something my wife and I enjoy doing, to show our appreciation and awe for those with the flair for this particular aspect of the scene.The biggest tabletop gaming convention in North America mohonk promotional code 2014 keeps wiley promotion code setting attendance records, and cosplayers show up in full force.
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That Maya looks barely over half his height before the helmet horns!That's me :D, she said something similar backstage :p.A self-described evil forest goddess carries a lovely lace parasol and wears a newsprint corset.Some day, when elves and goblins finally live in peace and harmony, well look back on this historic meeting.Some of our personal geek interests intersect with enough of the available exhibits, dealers, and special events that were rarely bored except in the occasional line, but those come with the territory.Anime, second place: Kirio Hikifune from.I about shit myself healthcare trade show giveaways when you came on stage.
Futuristic Soldier Drone (aka Samus Aran, whos actually a woman).
The most huggable Wookie.