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Photo: San Francisco Dream House Image 27 of 32 An eight-bedroom mansion in San Francisco's.
If 65,000 tickets don't sell by Friday June 24, 2016, the winner takes home 50 percent of the profit from ticket sales, up to a 4 million annuity, or a smaller lump sum.At least eight Northern California nonprofits have sponsored dream-home raffles this year.B., San Francisco, CA - Spa everest the contest summary and Wellness Gift Cards Henry., Fresno, CA - BlackFire Clamplight Lantern Hering., South San Francisco, CA - Naxa.1" TFT LED Digital Photo Frame Hernalyn., San Mateo, CA - Uniden 30 Mile gmrs/FRS 2-Way Radios.If the minimum is not met, the nonprofit typically agrees to split the net ticket proceeds (after all raffle expenses) with the winner 50-50.It's hard to say.The rules While they might like to, homeowners and for-profit entities cannot raffle off houses.Together, these can run well into the six figures.The raffle offers discounts for buying blocks of three or five tickets, so it's difficult to calculate how much might be in the pool.After expenses, it netted just over 1 million.Raffle tickets are not tax-deductible unless you win, in which case you can deduct them, to the extent of your winnings, as an itemized expense.InnVision essentially broke even on the raffle.If you'd like to join our mailing list and be the first to hear about the next raffle, please provide your email address at the bottom of the page.Sure, if you aren't banking on it scoring you a place to live.
To protect itself from a big loss, the nonprofit usually sets a minimum number of tickets that must be sold for the home or cash to be awarded.

The Tahoe Mountain Resorts Foundation hopes to have better luck with its raffle.Photo: San Francisco Dream House Image 30 of 32 An eight-bedroom mansion in San Francisco's.T., Torrance, CA - Omaha Steaks tesco clubcard sign up promotional code 2015 Custom Certificate Gourmet Level 4- President., Vacaville, CA - Bushnell 10X32 FRP BLK powerview binoc., San Francisco, CA - Spa and Wellness Gift Cards Edda., San Francisco, CA - Naxa 10" Swivel Screen Portable.J., San Francisco, CA - myCharge Hub Plus 6700mAh Rechargeable Power Bank Ernesto., San Pedro, CA - Leatherman Skeletool SX with Standard Sheath Ernesto., Foster City, CA - myCharge Hub Plus 6700mAh Rechargeable Power Bank Ernesto., San Jose, CA - Bushnell.We still have many more cash prizes to give away, so enter now for a chance to win.Photo: San Francisco Dream House, image 13 of 32 An eight-bedroom mansion in San Francisco's.When you read the fine print, buried in a rules section tucked in the lower left-hand corner of the website, you learn the dream house is only offered as a prize if 65,000 tickets are sold.
In an email, Yerba Buena spokesperson Voleine Amilcar declined to share whether the nonprofit has ever met the ticket minimum in the raffle's seven-year history.
Photo: San Francisco Dream House Image 24 of 32 An eight-bedroom mansion in San Francisco's.