how many contestants on big brother 17

Amanda tried copying this move in BB15 but no one cared or liked it because she was trying to save a floater and racist gameplayer.
Paola Shea (Season 16) Being a straight up hot shorty who is a little crazy seems like a good formula for Big Brother ; however, for Paola Shea, it didnt help, finishing 15th out of nikon scope rebates 2017 16 houseguests.
Dick was handed Season 8 by production YAS 17 Howie Gordon Howie Gordon is a reality TV personality and former contestant from the American version of the CBS reality show Big Brother.James is another Texas resident who is currently living in Wichita Falls, and who works as a retail associate.Steve Moses, moses, the baby of the group, is 22, still in college (awwww) and looks like a total charmer.Burgess was really the perfect contestant, coming across as the everyday girl next door, but really a cut-throat competitor who was strategic and super competitive.Someone is considering voting for me to be sent home?It's really nice to see someone so genuine and still played the game well My favorite female houseguest.However, something tells me this Jersey girl is not going to be someone you want to mess with.Of course by season 17 a lot of people knew to be aware of the hot girls.She was single (very important employed as a real estate agent, and believed she was sexy.Rousso is a professional poker player and Rogers is a poker dealer, so you know there are going to be some amazing (strip?!) poker games in Season.Hell, Vegas should have had a line for that season, Im guessing she would have been the favorite, probably a line of 2-1.Document it, it's the truth.During her time as a houseguest, she changed her name to Dogface and even got sexy with one of the other houseguests, winning over the viewing public.Thats the thing about reality television people know people because they all watch.(I mean, thats all conjecture, but wouldnt that be awesome?

Going into, big Brother, you really need to have some evil in you.Her personality was bubbly which can play a couple of ways, but she used it to her advantage, partnering domino's pizza promo code south africa with other members of the household to ensure no early elimination.He had a character to play but his big heart out shinned all the negative things that happened his season.Report this ad, tags: Big Brother, brother, your Account Isn't Verified!My next 2 favorite houseguests are Frank and Kaysar.Unfortunately for her, book smarts wasnt enough for the.Nicole Franzel (Season 18) Nicole Franzel is the girl that doesnt know how hot she.Becky Burgess biggest worry about being.Oh, and she was hot!Check out his Twitter.Clearly, Nolan wasnt just a pretty face (or two, if you count her sister no, she knew how to play the game and advance, not quite enough for the win, but pretty damn close!