how to hold a contest on twitter

Step Four: Ready, Set, Launch, now that youve done all the planning, its time to launch the contest.
The best contests have prizes that tie directly back to the company itself, and this becomes particularly important when you consider the downstream results of this effort.Rules I purposefully put rules and legal advice 10th on this list because I have found it is much easier to have legal weigh in on the entirety of the program (including seeding, editorial, amplification) all at once, instead of having them look at the.You need to plan, launch and measure the contest with the same precision you would any marketing campaign.You pick the categories, we deliver the content.As the name suggests, participants are required to Retweet to stand a chance of winning.Amplification Strategy With the exception of simple Twitter contests and basic Facebook contests that are managed within your timeline, you will probably need some sort of amplification to ensure that your contest has the reach (and garners the attention) you desire.Organizers simply post a tweet on Twitter asking users to Retweet if they were to join the contest.As a tip, mentions of your account should be required in the tweet used for entering the contest.You want to activate and attract people who are genuinely interested in your business, not just contest hunters who enter everything they can find.Consider this to be the Im not about to get fired because of a contest ingredient of this recipe.Before you launch your contest, make sure to map out the rules and regulations, such as who is eligible, what gst hst rebate for rental property the prizes are, the time frame for the contest, and how will winners be determined.
So the average cost to gain 1 participant (or to gain 1 engagement).14!
What is your plan for nights and weekends coverage?

All they need to do is to follow or retweet and follow.Will something go massively awry with your contest, causing you to need to activate your crisis plan?If your company is new in organizing a Twitter contest, it is highly recommended that you use an application instead because it will help in creating a strong foundation for your contest (which would help to be prepared for everything).Essentially, from Amandas perspective, she is being paid 142.86 per character by KFC.As with the design team, make legals job easier by giving them the total picture up-front.Step Three: Promote Your Contest, treat your Twitter contest like what it is: a serious marketing campaign.
It may seem obvious, but make sure your contest actually highlights the products or brand you want to promote.
Make sure your contest follows all the legal requirements in your state and country.