i give myself away chords g

Cm7 C Dsus4, as a living sac - ri - fice B/F# Em D/A.
All changes will be seen only by you.
Full key step down are you left-handed?G D/F lord Im longing to see, am7 C - Dsus.Hide glossary, chord name color: Lyrics color: more videos.Here I am, here I stand.All discount kayak accessories my dreams, all my plans.G D/A, lord I'm longing to see, cm7 C Dsus4.Save changes and exit, just exit.There isn't a video lesson for this song.I Give Myself Away Chords, i Give Myself Away Chorus G D/A.Em D C (repeat i give myself, I give myself to You (repeat).My life is not my own, To You I belong Em.I Give Myself Away, william McDowell, i Give Myself Away -.Am7 C - Dsus, lord I place them in Your win a chance to meet justin bieber 2016 hands.
Am7 C - Dsus, lord my life is in Your hands.
Your desires revealed in me, verse 2: G D/F take my heart, take my life.

Full key step up, half key step up, half key step down.Introducing Personal Tabs, you can save this tab as Personal to edit and correct it or add notes.William Mcdowell - I Give Myself Away Chords : indexed at Ultimate Guitar.I give myself away so You can use me Verse 1 G D/A.Am7 C - Dsus, as a living sac-ri-fice, g D/F#.Bridge: G D/F my life is not my own; to You I belong.Cm7 C Dsus4, lord my life is in Your hands.
Your desires revealed in me Verse 2 G D/A.