mcgraw hill connect coupon code spring 2016

Reply, i too am using McGraw Connect Plus for competitive cyclist coupon code 2015 a fresh direct coupon code finance class at Liberty.
Totally unorganized, and customer service is helpless.The only evidence offered are the promo materials made by the company itself.Which means I will have to drop this class and take it again in the fall with a different teacher that doesn't use Connect.I feel violated and misled and misinformed.Reply, i am an oral b deep sweep 4000 toothbrushes instructor who as disconnected from connect for many of the reasons plus many others.It is one of the toughest exam to crack at high school level.I have a text book which is from the same publisher.Get ready for fun with Inspire Science an easy, flexible and engaging hands-on science learning experience that brings problem-based learning to the forefront and enables students to be the scientist with leveraging and furthering their literacy and math skills.That puts a monkey wrench in my plans because I'm trying to get my prerequisites done this year so I can apply for my program in 2015.My advice for people considering using this program, don't even consider.I'm still dealing with this subject, and really tired of this.

The practice quizzes are a joke.I'm so disappointed and disgusted.By Mulcrone, Patricia, Nelson.As others have said, there are typos all over the place, correct answers marked wrong, horribly written questions, and no recourse to correct anything or alert anyone of the problem.College students say no to costly textbooks McGraw-Hill reps are actually being invited into so mostly pretty basic college level education.I don't think most professors care that much, and the few that do probably don't have enough "power" to convince the schools to stop requiring this product.
I rarely do reviews unless it's a product I really like or strongly dislike.