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Click here to view pix, women and girls bring them milk every morning in their quest for big gut glory.
A report by, the Sun UK has revealed that an Ethiopian tribe holds a bizarre fat man competition where tribesmen compete to become the most rotund.The competing fat men cover their bodies in clay and ashes as part of discount fishing reels sale the ceremony.Video Walkthrough, advertising 13-3.0, advertising.Click here to view pix.Dear KibaGames-Player, to play this game you need to install the latest Flash- Shockwave-plugin.The Bodi tribe live in the deep south of the African country and the contest is done annually to celebrate the tribes new year.Women and girls bring them milk every morning in their quest for big gut glory.Impressive graphics, special effects, click the download-button below to start the installation or activate the plugin in your browser if you have already installed.As we were paying for the milk, a couple of older kids were buying a couple of 24 packs of beer and wanted to know why'd we'd have a milk drinking contest instead of a beer drinking contest, to which romang agreed.The only prize for the winner is fame and the adulation of his fellow tribesmen.It was my goal to make something more than just a bunch of kids throwing up, I figured anyone could do that.Oh yeah, we should mention that were the mpaa to rate this documentary, it would probably get a PG-13 for vampire violence and sci-fi language.A local tribe that is far detached from the modern world has been discovered in Ethiopia and they have a rather weird event called Fat Man Contest.The Flash- Shockwave-plugin brings you the following advantages: Play over.000 KibaGames directly in your browser.Triad's first documentary, created by Andrew Cottingham, it goes deep into a local Milk Drinking Contest.The camera pans to the right to see the reaction of some of the viewers, and as the camera pans back to Jake, Czapar can be seen taking a leak by the light pole.
An Ethiopian tribe holds fat man competition every year where the men compete to get the biggest belly.

I have seen articles all over the internet claiming that it is impossible.For half a year the men feed themselves solely on petco promotion code fresh milk and cows blood to fatten themselves up for the big day.During this time they are not allowed to leave their huts or have s*x, but they are waited on hand and foot.During this time they are not allowed to leave their huts or have sex, but they are waited on hand and foot.The tribesmen will also spend hours in the hot sun running around a sacred tree.Battle of the bulge: the tribesmen gorge on blood and milk to increase their girth.I just thought I'd mention that to avoid a lawsuit.The aarp discounts for disney world area of the Omo Valley where they live does not welcome tourists meaning their traditions have been left largely undisturbed for generations.The men drink the blood almost straight from the cow after the beasts are punctured with a spear.The title is obviously from all of the "Got Milk?" advertisements.As Jake is throwing up, Nathan is counting down on the clock.
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