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No, because I don't have his phone number or email address.
Take it from the guy who knows hot dogs - and style.I don't want to be someone who is doing something that is considered gross and then also look like a slob.When it comes to legacy, competition matters, and Chestnut is facing a weakened field.Last year was a horrible year, a dog crap kind of year.I got arthritis from the bars.Carmen Cincotti finished runner-up to Chestnut, eating 62 hot dogs, while Stonie could only muster 48 hot dogs to finish in third place.
Japan narrative between him superga voucher code 2014 and Chestnut.

Michael Noble./Associated Press, while Chestnut has accrued plenty of Mustard Belts for winning the Nathan's hot dog eating contest, smeco rebate form USA Today 's Steven Ruiz noted that he hasn't faced the best possible competition in recent years: "By 2019, Chestnut could surpass Bill Russell.Miki Sudo won the women's competition with 41 hot dogs and buns.On Monday, Chestnut looks to reclaim his title against Matt Stonie, who defeated him last year in front of a crowd of nearly 50,000 spectators at Coney Island.Kobayashi looks on after losing to Joey Chestnut in 2009 in Coney Island.In each of the past two years, shes eaten 38 hot dogs and buns.Maybe they should make teams.On whether a hot dog is a sandwich.On why competitive eating needs a style makeover.
Packaging has everything to do with the market.
Joey Chestnut and legendary Japanese eater Takeru Kobayashi compete during the CP Biggest Eater competition in 2010.