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Saturday evening we ae coupon codes july 2015 san diego zoo safari park hours were threatened with storms, but were lucky and it didnt come this far south.
Otherwise I plan to shred all entry fees. .
Cali Scott Casino : 4 Es in Novice Regular woohoo!Except for some distant gun shots, and something that sounded like a canon, the dogs ran happy all weekend.On Saturday, we celebrated several February birthdays with big yummy birthday cake and enjoyed the always fun Yappy Hour cookout when the runs were over that day.Second, we are proud to announce several debuts this weekend: Tanner Joyce Toehlke, Katie Emma Vlcek, and Squeaker Lee Anne MacAdam.It was supposed to be Yappy Lunch but all through both days, food just kept showing up!Zeus: won the Easter Basket, breeze: natch.Create a virtual basketball hoop and when people make a shot, they win a certain discount.Additional thanks to our judge Ron Young, course builder Tom Maloney-Harmon, volunteer coordinator John Virden, omni-present worker bees Joyce Toelhke Alice Harwell, and our brand-new member course number extraordinaire-to-be Emma Vlcek!We had an awesome Yappy Hour as usual! .So many competitors commented on how positive and pleasant Karin was and how she helped them enjoy the trial.Other Holiday Campaign Ideas: Presidents Day: You could choose a particular President and do something for which that President is known.Sarah Fix and Jinks: natch 4 Also, several videos were submitted to nadac for Bonus Run Review: Sam Lietz and Schatzi Jumpers Saturday Cathy Cage and Clayton Jumpers Saturday Sam Lietz and Schatzi Regular 1 Saturday Cathy Cage and Cheyenne Chances Sunday Cathy Cage and.We are sorry that judge Pam Smith was unable to join us but Thankful that Sarah Fix and Jean Wilkins were here and gladly filled in judging. .

All participants had a blast, learned some great new stuff, laughed and had a super time. Dont forget major events: Super Bowl, Stanley Cup and other sporting events; Award Season in Hollywood (grammys etc.Thanks to all the volunteers that kept the trial rolling along smoothly, especially after.5 hour rain delay Saturday morning. .78 of respondents in one study said social media posts impact their purchases.We really hope to see you at the April trial! The two most common stories Ive heard are: Delivery people who worked through the holidays delivering presents received their gift, a Christmas Box, on the day after Christmas.Each day, users visited the page to reveal the days giveaway and enter to win.47 of US online shoppers say they bought something as a direct result of a Pinterest recommendation.Thanks a million to our judge Bernie Doyle for, once again, providing a warm and welcoming smile, making everyone feel comfortable, and lots and lots of laughs.