picture of a victorian chimney sweep

Photo: @The_East_End/ via Twitter, most chimneys were no more than 18 inches wide, and twisted, to boot and many young sweeps got fatally lost in their dark and winding structures.
Families got no money unless they worked, and most people thought work was good for children.
Similar Images, add to Likebox # chimney pipes on a residential buildings roofs.
Crossing boys swept the roads clean of horse-dung and rubbish left by the horses that pulled carts and carriages.Filed Under: Popular politics history weird history share tweet pin email prev list more popular lists next list Britney Spears Tattoos The Best Netflix Original Stand-Up Comedy Specials The Most Nostalgia-Inducing '90s Toys The Worst A-List Hollywood Actors The Top 10 Ridiculously Insane Twilight Fan.Government Experiments On Humans The Hottest Celebrity Lesbians These Are The Real Cults That Inspired Season 7 Of American Horror Story The 13 Sexiest Psycho Girlfriends in Internet History The Most Boring Sports to Watch Top 10 Current Queries: things that happened on this day.Registering is free, easy, and means you can join in the discussion, get discounts, win prizes and lots more.Lucky charms at new year and new year.

The Most Historically Important Perverts Of All Time.They won't hardly bear to be looked.Testicular Cancer Was Rampant, photo: Lucas Trakinas/ via The high rate of scrotal carcinoma in men who worked as chimney sweeps was first observed in 1775 by doctor Percivall Plott, who described the progression of what he called "Chimney Sweep's Cancer" in detail : "It is a disease.Oneida: Free-Love Utopian Commune, what Sex Was Like in Stuffy Times.Erotic Victorian Era Sex Art, strange Mourning Rituals, strange Sex Toy and Erotic Relics.Similar Images Add to Likebox # Construction of modular ceramic chimney in the house Similar Images Add to Likebox # Business card showing illustration of a chimney sweep holding.Similar Images Add to Likebox # lucky clover isolated on white background Similar Images Add to Likebox # pug dog as chimney sweeper with four leaf clover behind blackboard.And confusing to navigate in the dark.The Water Cart: 'It costs me about twelve shillings a week for my living and the rest I must save, I have laid aside eight pounds this past twelve months'.Freebase content is freely licensed under buybuybaby promo code the CC-BY license and Wikipedia content is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation license.
Rich and poor families, in Victorian times, many families had 10 or more children.
And those who didn't often developed lung cancer later.