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Barely Legal Mustang: Facelift Season 1, Episode 21 Original Airdate 10/5/2014 Fox-body gets new track-day skin, plus power tuning normally aspirated and supercharged.0 Coyotes.Hopping Up an Old Skool Six Part 2 Season 1, Episode 04 Original Airdate 1/25/2014 Team hops up, assembles and dyno tests Ford 's venerable straight 6 with a cam, intake and carb.Viewers will be able to sign up free to win as early as July, ahead of the episode airdates in August and September.Supercharging a 2008 Z06 and adding Z26 performance brake package to out perform the new 90,000 Z06 Corvette.Season 3, Episode 02 Original Airdate 1/17/2016.Full sweepstakes rules and the entry form can be found.Barely Legal Mustang Part 1 Season 1, Episode 11 Original Airdate 5/4/2014 Transforming an anemic 4 cylinder Mustang with a Ford Racing Coyote Aluminator V8 to become a street legal auto-crosser on steroids.Season 3, Episode 05 Original Airdate 2/7/2016.Iron Animal Part 1: Building a 408 Stroker Season 1, Episode 09 Original Airdate 4/20/2014 How-to build a modern Chevy stroker starting from scratch with an LQ4 iron truck block strong enough to survive plenty of turbo boost.The Rislone RS700 Mustang Sweepstakes is open to legal.S.
Odyssey Batteries Performance Series - 48-720.

In House Power Mouse: Stage II Part.To match the car's looks to its performance, they'll add a ram air hood, carbon fiber rocker panels, front splitter and rear spoiler, as well as 20-inch gloss black spoke wheels and racing stripes.Old Skool Six 70's era Ford inline six by taking it to a local auto machine shop.This potent combo makes big power on the dyno We're taking you to the nmra (National Mustang Racers Association) Finals in Bowling Green, where championships are on the line and the action is non-stop.Old Skool Flatty: Part 1 How to Hot Rod a Ford Flathead Season 1, Episode 08 Original Airdate 4/13/2014 Transforming a junkyard Ford flathead into a classic hot rod V8 with prepping the block to handle a stroked rotating assembly.The car will also be on display at the 2015 sema show in Las Vegas inside the Power Stop booth.The Rislone RS700 Mustang episodes of "Engine Power" will air on Spike, nbcsn and CBS Sports from June through Dec.Odyssey Battery, battery, Dry Cell, Deep Cycle/Starting, 78 Group, 12 V, 850 CCA, Side Post, Each.