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Rx Relief, the Healthcare Alliance, national Prescription Savings Network, scriptRelief LLC is actually a marketing firm that makes money through payments by drug companies when the card is used.
Some News 12 viewers have reported receiving prescription savings cards in the mail.If they have our personal information, I haven't noticed any effects of that.Here's what I found out.Script Relief, lLCis located in New York City.Helping people save on their healthcare costs.It looks like it is part of the Affordable Care Act, but it is not.Healthcare Alliance, as a little chat with my good friend.With this wonderful discount card I now only pay 155 per month.


"I guess I will just throw them away says Thornton."You and everyone in your household are now entitled to savings on every FDA-approved prescription medication.".They give you whatever discount has been negotiated by the PBM (Pharmacy Benefits Manager).Truscott was so pleased, Autumn Air has become his new A/C company."All your personal information that you give to the pharmacy is subject to go to these insurance companies says Mims.To its credit, the company almost always responded to the complaints, explaining how they could offer the card at no charge by stating it, "Enjoy(ed) an exclusive relationship with a large pharmacy benefit manager.