second hand smooth sweep

I recommed you do the same.
It kinda looks like a Rolex Sub.
Deanster, Have you looked at the Omega Co-axial movement, it's unique, accurate and very low maintenance.I personally prefer "automatic" watches.All quartz watches (well, every one I know of including the ones you mention) jump once per second.They are rated in beats per minute and are not continuous.'sweep' Just out of curiosity, does anyone have an automatic that is acurate month after month?Reply With", 03:33 AM #4, re: second hands - 'tick'.i'd really like to buy one of these Omegas, but I'm a little fed up with having to keep track of whether I've worn the watch enough to keep it wound, or whether it's gained or lost several minutes in the last couple months.If you want to see really smooth motion of a second hand, get a Bulova Accutron from the 70's with the tuning murphysboro bbq contest 2015 fork movement.Rolex is an in house operation.They look almost continuous but are not.I have an Omega Seamaster Automatic that I like alot, but it is about 3-4 min a week fast. 01:32 PM #1 second hands - 'tick'.Automatic watches don't have batteries!
Here is a pic of the Seiko I mentioned above next to the Rolex.
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I've seen the quartz Omega in person and the second hand does not sweep like a mechanical movement, it jumps once per second.Price is 159.95 Chris Reply With", 09:01 PM #17 Re: second hands - 'tick'.Sweep of a Rolex is 8 ticks per second (which is extra stupid considering their chrono markings are at 1/5 seconds-but Rolex's aren't bought for function).Reply With", 03:09 AM #3, re: second hands - 'tick'.Due to momentum the human eye can not detect this slow and fast movement.Do they modify the standard quartz movement somehow to get a sweeping motion?Reply american aadvantage enrollment promotion code 2014 With", 07:13 AM #11 Re: second hands - 'tick'.Rolex is certainly not considered a prestigious watch by watch officianados, however it is the most historically copied, For a good reason.'sweep' My Omega SMP runs about 1sec/day if I put it to sleep with the 12 o'clock pointing straight up at the ceiling.
I would have your watch regulated.
(well, not really the experts - they're over at timezone or pmwf, but I already have a name here.