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These boards have a directional shape so they are wider in the nose then in the tail.
For the adventurous spirit, the Splitboard is a snowboard that can be separated into two ski-like parts used with climbing skins to trek up backcountry slopes.
Directional Boards are designed to be ridden in your natural stance and to go in one direction easier than the other.
Snowboard types, most snowboards can be ridden in any type of terrain but there are specialized boards designed for specific applications and skill levels to help you get the most out of your experience.Please note, the Shed Ski Hire will be closing as of Monday, 2nd October 2017.Hiring is far cheaper than buying and it's a great way vip e cig giveaway code to get into skiing and snowboarding.Shop Good Wood Award Winners.Gift certificates, let the Expert Decide.

Splitboards, best for climbing in the backcountry.Lets start with these top five board types.We have thousands of mens Snowboards cocked and loaded for turbo shipment.Almost everything about the tip and tail are different including flex, sidecut, length and width.This allows the rider to flex the board more on heel side for a tighter, more precise and more natural feeling turn, giving the rider better balance and maneuverability.Created for snow lovers.They are symmetrical in shape and the stance is exactly centered so they ride equally well forwards and backwards (switch making them perfect for park tricks that require you to take off or land switch.Go to Apps store and search for "the shed ski hire.2018 boots, see Our Top Picks, skateboard builder.We deal with customers just like you, year in and year out, so we know what we're talking about.Designed to go fast.
They can also transition easily to the park to perform tricks on rails and jumps.
They are light, short and flexible with twin tips.