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Intelligent Energy-Saving Information and membrane sweep second pregnancy Management System Part I: Hardware Design Based on Wireless Sensor Network (Hung-Cheng Chen, Long-Yi Chang and Chun-Liang Hsu).7647-7658.
Ranking Fuzzy Variables by Moments (Xiaozhong Li and Ying Liu).1193-1200.
Improving the Quality of FA Word Dictionary based on Co-occurrence Word Information and its Hierarchically Classification (Elsayed Atlam).709-734.
Focusing on the Implication of Converged Elementary Education (Myoung Hee Yi and Young cheap nursing shoes wholesale Ran Jung).5211-5218.PDF Korean ODA toward the LDCs: Focusing on the Korea-Laos ODA (Keunhye Shin and Heeyoung Choi).163-172.Bayesian based Admission Control (BAC) Policy for Distributed Video-on -Demand System (Sami Saleh Alwakeel, Hesham Abdulaziz Altwaijry and Muhammad Ammad-udDin).3603-3610.Study and Realization of Encrypting and Hiding Images Algorithm Based on Dual Chaos Projections (YongSong Zhu).1179-1186.Stability in Dynamic Optimization of Competitive Agents with a Market Externality (Yirong Ying, Jinze Li and Feng Yao).1097-1100.

PDF Study on the Optimal Site Selection of Large Scale Public Facility Using the Importance Factor Based on Stakeholders' Regional Characteristics - focused on Sports Complex Facility (Hyoungseok Oh, Joong Hun Kim, Hayang Kim, Minseok Baik and Jaehoon Hwang).5723-5730.PDF Economic Crises, Bank Efficiency and Its Determinants: Evidence from Korean Commercial Banks (Seok-Young Lee and Sang-Lyul Ryu).4035-4040.Analyses of Characteristics of the Changes in Cerebral Activation State Based on Sasang Constitution (Jeong-Hoon Shin and Hyo-Won Jeon).6645-6656.PDF Comparison of Motivation System of Science Learning Between Gifted Students and Non-gifted Students in Elementary School (Ilho Yang, Sangil Lee, Seongun Kim and Sungman Lim).6189-6194.Mackin, Takashi Yamaguchi, Eiji Nunohiro, Jong Geol Park, Zeyu Zheng, Keitaro Hara, Kotaro Matsushita, Yukio Yanagisawa adam and eve promo code retailmenot and Masao Igarashi) A New Seal Authentication (Lifeng Zhang, Kazushige Hiramatsu and Hiroshi Kondo) Innovating Sign Selection for Face Identification using DCT Sign (Lifeng Zhang and Hiroshi Kondo) Design.PDF Implementation of Wavelet Transform based Image Registration and jpeg2000 using mcdt Method for Multi Sensor Images (Cheol Lee, Jungsuk Lee, Kyedong Jung and Jong-Yong Lee).1087-1094.Product ID: New In stock, be the first to Write a Review (m_reviews) Write a Review reviewSnapshot.PDF Study of the Relationship between External and Internal Factors that Influence Cosmetic Surgery Consumption Behavior (Heejoong Hwang and Minjeong Kang).3483-3488.Fingerprint Classification Using PCA, LDA, L-LDA and BPN (Mohammed.PDF Receptive History of 'Cheo-Yong' Story in (Soyeon Chung).6239-6246.