sweep money market fund

An investment in an MMF is an equity investment.
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These funds invest in short term (one day to one year) debt obligations such.Use money market fund in a sentence If you're looking to invest in a safe and stable asset, money market funds are a good choice.The revised Rule 2a-7 guidelines may be operationally burdensome for fund sponsors, in which case they may determine that the cost of compliance exceeds the benefit.Internal controls, investors should have internal controls in place to: track the types of sweep and other cash accounts they own, identify registered MMF investments, and monitor whether such investments are calculating and transacting at a current NAV or have enacted any redemption gating activities.Disclaimer and Copyright interest bearing investment liquid position.Gtbxx deutsche FDS cash acct trst GOV agncy SRV.20 1,000.With respect to Money Market Mutual Funds, please refer to the applicable fund prospectus.Mfsxx federated federated NY muni cash series.11.When investments in an SEC-registered MMF meet the qualifications of Investment Company Act Rule 2a-7, investors in the fund are permitted to classify their investment as a cash equivalent.Refer to PwCs In depth US 2016-01, New guidance on recognition and measurement to impact financial instruments, for more information on the revisions to the accounting for financial instruments.The SEC has stated that a floating NAV MMF investment would, under normal circumstances, continue to meet the definition of a cash equivalent.
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