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Whether its books, film, or TV, media continues to expand its reach across the discount hawaii car rental honolulu globe.
We also expanded our ever-growing list of mentors to include a talented group who can help these writers forge their own paths.You can of course submit 50 pages of a book youve already completed, but there is no requirement to have done so prior to entering.Well for starters, you dont need to have a 500-page manuscript ready.Drama Period Top 50 Keri Lee hitchhiker'S guide TO THE galaxy meets twin peaks After a young woman wakes up one morning with the voice of an alien in her head, she returns to an ex-lover/psychologist in order to seek assistance, only to become embroiled.Action Crime Thriller Top 50 Susan Hamilton lucifer meets supernatural A devil finds herself in trouble in hell after she falls in love with an angel, learning about her mysterious past in the process.Action Romance Thriller Top 25 Energy Entertainment Winner Emma Scott NEW girl meets dark places With only a graphic novel inspired by her little sister's kidnapping to her name, a struggling artist moves to New York in order to pursue her dream of getting the.
A creative writing professor and one of her charming young students, toe the line of romantic attraction and sociopath compulsion.
Comedy Crime Drama Top 25 Ruth Kaufman EAT, pray, love meets LA LA land After an unexpected divorce, a woman reinvestigates her dormant dream of becoming an actress, not doodle for google contest exactly eager to start back at the bottom: as an extra.

A young boy, in desperate pursuit of the rumored rider, befriends him, training with him so that he may be prepared to face the evil which is prophesized to kill him when he turns.Comedy Crime Drama Thriller, top Comedy Mentorship Selection (Daniel Wallace).An FBI agent is brought into Warsaw in 1992 in order to investigate a series of murders that seem to be connected to smuggled nuclear material from the collapsing Soviet Union.While the Launch Pad readers and judges will begin to dive into this years top material to narrow down our next round of finalists, we are excited to now expand the opportunity for all of our Top 75 to start their crowd funding campaigns.Making continual strides to continue to expand the educational platforms, and industry introductions new writers will face as their writing careers continue to blossom, weve invited three new mentors to join the latest mentorship program.Amongst others, you will not only receive a high level read just by entering, but now you will have the opportunity to peek behind the curtain to see how your project was reviewed for our competition.Show us your best work, hook us with your best cliffhanger, and give us an idea of where your story will go following those opening pages.In 1920s New York, a detective investigates a mysterious murder with the help of two renowned illusionists, who happen to be real magicians connected with a secret society attempting to save the world from evil.These three exceptionally accomplished, award-winning writers who have not only conquered the publishing world, but who themselves have the Hollywood experience necessary to grow.