unique raffle prizes

Tell them why trillium fund rebate you need money, right now, in relation to that good news, and include a return envelope.
If you have 5 door prizes, the first 5 people to get Bingo get a prize.
Pin on Map: Have a map of your local town/province/state etc., that has a hidden imaginary treasure (the prize).
Use a unique item to draw names from such as a beach hat, Christmas stocking, Easter basket, bucket, tea pot, or any other item that ties into the theme for your event.Obtaining a good discount is all you need to focus on since any discount directly translates into extra profits.The early bird gets the worm!Who is the newlywed in the room?Hide stickers underneath their chairs.For example fill a car with balloons, and let people guess how many balloons are inside for a fee.Because some people will not want the luxury prize, you should always promote your raffle as offering an alternate cash value prize for any item offered.Related Articles from The Fundraising Authority.Instead of finding prizes for the raffle, the winner will receive 50 of the funds raised as the prize.Note: This can be complicated.Sometimes, fundraising is boring. .You can also allow people to buy their way back into the draw (for say twice the ticket price) at certain stages of the raffle to increase earnings!
Helicopter Drop: Have a large field that is divided into blocks.
They sold 32,000 tickets at 150 each, grossing.8 million for a house appraised.8 million.

Participants purchase numbered bid tickets for a specific price. Pay to Work, many people like to roll up their sleeves and get to work they like to feel more involved in your non-profit than simply writing a check. .Unique fundraising ideas work best when they are directly tied to the mission of your organization. .At the end of the auction a ticket is drawn from each item's "bid tickets and the owner of that ticket wins the bid and the auction item.People can then sell their ticket back to the organization in return for a donation (so they wont have to be part of the drawing).For example, lets say you are painting a school. .If youve got a good list, great news, and a good reason why you need the money, this might just be a great way to raise money for your non-profit.