urban outfitters contest rules

I allow many archery hunters onto my property throughout the year for deer and turkeys!
Game warden at the sportsman show (what a joke that is) 2 years ago after a run in with a pack of hunters on MY posted property.
This is how my Uncle Rich does.That made me nervous but I made the most.Ask a game warden!LOL From: RC 14-Sep-07 Ah ya do got beer huh?You can more easily police the doings of each hunter if you limit the amount of access.The philippine charity sweepstakes office lotto franchise winners will be honored with a plaque jetblue gift certificates and gift certificate from Bowie Outfitters in Baton Rouge at the lowa awards banquet in August.Tonn, 13 and the female winner, harvested a spike deer while taking part in a management hunt at Bamberger Ranch in Johnson City, Texas, in February of 2016.PS for all of you " ex cops" etc etc who say its BS, it's covered in the game laws!

If I wanted to know, I would contact the authority that would be enforcing the laws in the area you are interested.Besides, I can hit a ping pong ball in six shots.From: Mark Hogan 13-Sep-07 Me too.Hate to see someone that old digging through the leaves after every shot like that.SB'ers always looking for a way out of an unlawful prediciment.From: Mark Hogan 12-Sep-07 Thanks Termin8r!IMO, I don't think that land owners should have to post their d also I think that you should have to carry written permission from the land owner at all times.
He used a 12-gauge shotgun to harvest the bird.
If you are, I would still advise you to take your hat and/or sunglasses off and proceed very slowly!" From: 11P ybuckssofar 14-Sep-07 still amazed at the responce to this.