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RECs are traded in for money and can act as a point of sale discount off our already deep discounts!Solar rebates and incentives for small business.For properties with a small-scale, renewable solar energy system in Victoria, any excess electricity generated is fed back into the national power grid for other Australian households to use.You may also be eligible for State Government rebates.Residents of participating Australian solar cities are offered financial incentives and support, the level and type of benefits varying from project to project.Home owners, small businesses and community groups are all eligible for this Australian solar panel subsidy and no-one is means tested under the scheme.RECs accompany the purchase of some renewable equipment such as solar panels.

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Hazelwood brown coal generator in one months time.Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) RECs, also known as Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) and Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs are available when complete solar hot water and heaters are installed or when renewable energy is produced by a solar panel, micro-hydro or wind system.If they looked at baseload futures in the real world, instead of hokey modelling, solar homes and businesses would be getting an extra two and a half cents per kilowatt-hour.How top rebates can I apply for a Feed-in Tariff scheme?To receive RECs there are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled.Know Your NEM column, which puts forecast pool prices in Victoria for that period at 99/MWh.
While government grants are no longer available; schools can still benefit from the Solar Credits rebate.
The Renewable Energy Water Pumping Sub-Program provides rebates for the renewable energy components of water pumps that displace diesel engine powered pumps in off-grid applications.