wae dx contest

B Single operator - Multi bands.
Note: After publication of the results all logs will be put into the darc Contest Logbook (DCL).
D SWL - Multi bands.
For SWL: Complete logging of one station only the callsign of the second station count 1 point.Notes: Transmitters, receivers and antennas used in the contest must be located within a 2 km diameter circle.File format - text of the operator's contest program but Cabrillo format will be much appreciated.The following rules apply: A QTC contains time, call sign and serial number of the reported QSO.E-mail address: gc17(at)bk(dot)ru, upload contest log: p?langen, the final date of logs sending - May 09, 2017.Single-OP high, output higher than 100 watts - all bands.The results of Gagarin Cup are to the and /contest/ QSO: 21010 CW 1200 UA8AA 599 33 RL3A 599 29 QSO: 144 CW 1210 UA8AA 599 33 RL3A 599.A QTC series is a block of one (minimum) to ten (maximum) QTCs.Multiplier bonus: Country multiplier points are "weighted" by band.Search The m, about The m, the DXZone is the largest human created and maintained library of web sites dedicated to Amateur Radio (Ham Radio currently lists.000 links organized into 600 categories and subcategories.Example: "QTC 3/7" means this is the third QTC series transmitted by this station and it contains seven QTCs.C Multi operators - Multi bands, single transmitter.Each QSO may only be reported once as a QTC.QSO with a different P-150-C country in the same continent - 3 points.
A trophy is sponsored for the top DX (non-EU) and the top EU clubs.
To be counted, the name of the club has to be indicated in the log on itunes giveaway u2 a separate header line using the keyword " club ".

The participants of A and F groups can make QSO outside of offset on other bands.Examples: W1, K1, KA1 and./1 count as W1; VE1, VO1 und VY1 count as VE1; JR4, 7M4 und 7K4 count as JA4; ZL2 and ZL6 are two different multipliers.13 Log Deadline Log deadline is always two weeks or, more specific, the third Monday after the end of the contest.Every station may send and receive QTCs.Complete logging of both sides of a QSO - 3 points.7 QTC Traffic Additional points can be achieved by QTCs.QSO points on:.8 MHz and.5MHz multiplied by 3; 7 MHz - 2; 14, 21 and 28 MHz -.The total multiplier is the sum of the weighted multiplier points of all bands.9 Disqualification Violation of the rules of the contest or unsportsmanlike conduct will be deemed sufficient cause for disqualification.Service provided by Google FeedBurner.Certificates will be awarded to all the Contest participants who log not less than 250 QSOs or 250 SWLs.
For European stations every non-European dxcc entity counts as a multiplier.
Different kind of medals will be awarded to the world's top three scoring stations in the A, B, C, E, SAT and S categories.