wedding giveaway ideas india

Jar of Honey, little pots of honey capped with a gorgeous fabric and tagged with your name tags is a gorgeous thing to add in childcare vouchers ma your wedding box.
Where to get them: Local super market has brands of Rose water.Comment below and let us know if there is a particular one you love?Mini coloured scented candles with organza bag, mehndi/wedding favours, home decor, gifts.Palaces, Forts, Beaches, Backwater.An organic lip salve in the winter, an essential sleep therapy oil and maybe some Agarbattis to boot.You can even build a whole box around a honeycomb theme with a jar of honey, a spoon and a pack of tea.Non Edible Favors, the concept of Non-edible favors is relatively new but fast catching on in India and tons of families are incorporating sweet mementos in their wedding boxes.Tealights american aadvantage enrollment promotion code 2014 and Scented Candles, everyone loves a scented candle as a gift.Having a sufi themed night?Invitation showcase, since they would know the latest trends in favours and also did some rather fun research of our own (st job ever.When it comes to Wedding favours- I think our country has been rather unimaginative.Where to get them : Buttertub soaps, Khadi Natural Soaps.Over 13 years of Destination Wedding planning experience more than 350 happy overseas couples and still counting.

Just get them packaged in a beautiful way from your Invite person.Just contact the brand directly.Sounds unusual - well it isnt.We're proud to offer a variety.Brands like Nutty Gritties offer a super yummy variety of nuts that have been coated, glazed, or sprinkled over with a range of absolutely delish items that walk the path between modernity and tradition.The perfect invite would include a piece of Baklava from stores like Kunafa in Meherchand Market which specialise in middle eastern sweets.
Our favourites are the Gur coated variety!
Including a small sized bottle of rose water in the box with your wedding card adds a beautiful, flowery scent to your invitation and its something thats useful for the family you gift it to as well.
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