wheel of fortune contestant loses 1 million

Alex Trebek has a seizure (metaphorically speaking.) Higher quality animated GIF here: Sorry, gone.
1 2 3 ยป.No chance at that whopping 1 million prize for Paul!But unlike Paul, the young man wasn't quite as gracious in his unavoidable loss.Closed Captioning, oN OFF apply reset x font, times New RomanArialComic Sans size, t T, t T share link, wheel of Mis-Fortune: Contestant loses 1 million.Have never played beer pong or gotten hammered on a budget.(I'll post if anyone wants to host.) I didn't realize how many videos were inspired.
Rather than taking the defeat like a champ, the young man later said in an interview that he "was cheated" for "just a spelling error.

Two dumb brothers dancing over winning a puzzle on Wheel Of Fortune."Paul, you've proved what several players have proven and dwr coupon code 2016 I prove almost on a nightly basis: Sometimes your mouth says what your brain doesn't intend for it to he later joked.Follow us on Twitter.Slideshow and photos by Kelli Gardner.Wheel of Fortune watch party for Bluffton's Ben Hoover.Paul, though initially flabbergasted by not having his answer approved, had a good attitude about the situation, later enunciating the word "corn er " to prove he can speak English, and slowly and accurately pronouncing a later answer to solve a puzzle.(Sony Pictures Television, which produces the game show, declined to comment.).Share tweet pin email, it turns out that on game shows, both spelling and pronunciation matter a whole lot."You just have to say words, actual words, Pat!" he laughed.That's because fellow player Luis ended up with more than 30,000 in prizes to move on to the final round, while Paul had a relatively puny 2,000.
Some people are straight up cheaters.
Wheel of Fortune contestant gets redemption on Late Night.