yugioh instant win conditions

" Exodius " can be used in many OTK strategies, as " Diffusion Wave-Motion " can provide some awesome support.
Causing the opponent to lose all of their.
Now let's look at the main drawbacks of Spirit Monsters.It gains a whopping 10,000 attack during your turn, meaning any successful attack would almost certainly win you the game (unless your opponent had a 2000 attack monster or really boosted his life points) since you start with 8000 life points.It cannot ignore summoning conditions!).In an Ojama deck, of all things.Say hello to Super Cocoon of Evolution!These cards stop your opponent from attacking your life points, along with any monsters that may be on your field at the time.Some protection from spells traps, such as " Solemn Judgment " or " Dark Bribe is good to have to protect your key cards from MST and Heavy Storm.Or Have "Dark Magician of Chaos 3 " Cyber Valley " Spell Economics " and " Dimension Fusion ".Therefore, summoning this card is made very simple.Granted, the archetype is focused on getting your Dragon out and many of the cards work to re-equip these Equip Spells onto Phantasm Spiral Dragon, but once you activate Assault, your opponent will most likely be doing everything in their power to stop that Dragon.Thus, the process will start over again and repeat infinitely until you draw the 5 pieces of Exodia.The venerable Lava Golem is well-known for, weirdly, exploiting this trope by giving your opponent an Awesome, but Impractical monster.And halving its own ATK until the end phase.Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes last Turn the Creator God of Light, Horakhty number raffle generator app 88: Gimmick Puppet of Leo number C88: Gimmick Puppet Disaster Leo jackpot 7 " and ghostrick Angel of Mischief ".
Afterwards, you have to guess what the card on the top of your deck is (Monster, Trap, or Spell).
In the card game, we have Final Destiny, which chewy com promo code november 2017 destroys all cards on the field at the cost of 5 discards.

Their concept (protect a weak Monster and then Tribute it to summon an upgraded form) sounds like it'd be rife with this, but in practice, they vary quite a bit.Phantasm Spiral Assault requires that a Phantasm Spiral Dragon equipped with the three different archetypal Equip Spells destroy three monsters by battle in order to automatically win the Duel.While the Nekroz archetype, in general, subverts this for most of their members in relation to what was said about Ritual Monsters at the top of this page, the Nekroz version of Sophia is this trope taken Up to Eleven.Tribe " and tribute monsters to Special Summon "Frogs" from your Deck with the effect of " Substitoad " until the number of tributed monsters is equal to the number of remaining cards in your Deck.Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord is much worse than Exodia's inherent Instant-Win Condition.Granted, near the end of their era they got a lot of good support and fusions that can be gotten out relatively consistently, and it is a fun deck to play casually, it still comes off as an archetype that feels like.However, it also prevents you from Special Summoning, forces you to detach one of its Xyz Material every turn or take a hefty amount of damage, and on top of that, it can't attack at all while it has no Xyz Material.Activate " Spell Economics ".You can then proceed to exploit all the weaknesses of Awesome, but Impractical boss monsters of the era, including the loss of vital monsters to summon them, their weakness to being locked down or stalled out, and high ATK being possible to counter through cards.
Well, not so much.